Pasta with home-made marinara, mushrooms, spinach, and asparagus. Enjoying some cooking and this lovely fall like weather this evening.


Success is the only Option!

Going Huge

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How To Train Your Humans

I’m obsessed with this

I hope this is real

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New vans and Carowinds!


30 seconds, deep on the West Side, Oahu

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Artist on tumblr - Ricardo Bouyett is a 21-year-old photographer from Chicago, Illinois.

I derive inspiration from life, and I don’t mean that in an avant-garde romantic way at all. I mean that I play witness to many different forms of art and expression that I feel compelled to pay tribute to these varying beauties by creating portraits that communicate identity, love, loss, and life. I tend to rely a lot on music, dance, and poetry 

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England-based photographer Martin Kimbell uses long exposures and special lighting techniques to create spectacular light trails set against lovely landscapes. To capture each gorgeous spectacle, Kimbell attaches LED lights to a hoop and then tosses it up in the air to document the movement.

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I adore the mountains.. I really do. #mountains #NC #highlands #drivehome #sunset

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